DRiY™ Installation Instructions

WiFi Setup for your DRiY IoT Device

Once you have received your DriY device please download the app from the App Store (Search: Ark Labs) or from Google play (Search:  The Ark Labs), depending on which platform you have. Alternatively download from below:

Once installed register and confirm your email address before proceeding to the next step.

Turn on your DriY device. On the home screen in the app  click the + in the top right hand corner.

A step by step installation instruction follows.

Ensure you have the WiFi credentials handy to connect the DriY device.

Once connected you can assign an unique name to your device. such as. Home Leak Detection Unit or Work Water monitoring device.

When using a GSM (sim card) WiFi device it will automatically connect to the service provider (eg.Vodacom,Telkom, Cell C or MTN ).

The device uses  20mb of data per month.We suggest setting up an auto renewal for Data with your service provider to prevent running out of data.

Once you have synced the device with your app the DriY IoT unit  is ready to be plumbed in and powered up.

Plumbing & Electrical

To ensure every drop used at your property is monitored, install the DriY IoT Unit on the incoming main supply at a point prior to any water lines branching off.

The DRiY IoT Leak Detection Device is pressure rated up to 1500 kPa. Municipal water supplies are generally less than 800 kPA, if you are unsure about your property’s water pressure, have your plumber test the pressure prior to installation.

The DRiY IoT Leak Detection Device operates on a 12 volt power supply. Each unit is supplied complete with a transformer, universal adapters. A power backup  that will power the unit for up to one hour during power outages is also included.

Ensure the power supply where the unit will be plugged into complies to electrical bylaws. If unsure, ask your local electrician for advise and assistance.


You can now brows the devices features and customize the device to your own requirements such as setting daily limits, automatic shut down etc.

That’s it, you’re good to go!

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